Help with breastfeeding

Problems with breastfeeding

Breastfeeding your newborn is good for you and your baby. If you don’t experience pain and your child is growing happily and healthy the breastfeeding is probably going fine.

Sometimes things don’t work out as you had hoped and there are problems during breastfeeding. You are worried. You have sore nipples or a breast infection.

Are you unsure whether you’re feeding your baby sufficiently or is the baby restless? Do you take medication or do you want to reduce the breastfeeding? In that case you could use some help.

Below I have answered the most frequently asked questions and worries. Please contact me if you have a different situation. Or if you have specific questions regarding lactation.

When do you have enough milk supply?

  • If both breasts are fuller before feeding
  • If both breasts are more supple after feeding
  • When your child is satisfied after breastfeeding

The breastfeeding goes well when:

  • You have no pain during feeding
  • When your baby has sufficient stools (5 or more pee-nappies en 1-5 poo-nappies in 24 hours)
  • When your newborn is growing

Reducing the breastfeeding

You can reduce the breastfeeding whenever you want. Normally this happens naturally, which is fine. If this happens by nature there is no need to contact me. Just enjoy this special moment with your child. I can help you if there is any other reason

you’d like to reduce the breastfeeding. You will receive a personal schedule, to help you reduce in a comfortable way.

Working method

The consultation office normally only has a couple of minutes to give advice on whether you have to return of not. As lactation consultant I am specialised in breastfeeding and therefore very experienced and able to give you time and focus. The consultation will take place at the practice and normally lasts about two hours.

During this consult I will inspect your breasts, your baby’s mouth and body and how the baby suckles. Together we will decide on how to improve the breastfeeding.

Most mothers prefer to take their time and read through information at home. That’s why we don’t only practice the feeding, but you also receive a written summary to read through at your own pace. After the consult we will keep in close contact for 48 hours, either by a phone or via WhatsApp. My goal is to help you enjoy breastfeeding again within 48 hours. We will stay in contact until both you and your baby are happy during breastfeeding.



One consultation costs 220 euros. This includes follow up by phone call, Whatsapp or video call.
A extra consultation costs 115 euros an hour.

Straight after the consult i will send you a payment request. The invoice will be sent to you via mail the same day.

I can help you immediately

Don’t wait too long if you have doubts or feel sadness, anger, a sense of failure or sore breasts. For emergencies I am also available in de evenings and during the weekends.

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