This is how breastfeeding works!

Are you pregnant or have you just given birth and would like to breastfeed your newborn baby? Then you will surely have a lot of questions. It’s something you have to learn. How do I attach my baby properly?, How do I prevent sore, cracked nipples or breast infections? What to do if my baby doesn’t drink properly? How do I express milk and how do I store milk? These are the questions I often get asked as a lactation consultant.

Since I cannot assist all the mums at the same time, I have developed a special course in which I answer all your questions about breastfeeding. It will help you to fully trust and enjoy breastfeeding.

Content of the Course:

  • During the course I will explain the development inside the breast during pregnancy and after labour.
  • You will receive practical advice about latching on your baby. How to attach for the first time and the days after giving birth.
  • There will be pictures and video’s to illustrate.
  • We will discuss the most commonly asked questions. For example, about sufficient milk supply (too much or too little), how the baby drinks, feeding schedule, cracked nipples, reducing breastfeeding and other questions.
  • Feeding positions.


After subscribing you will receive confirmation by email. The day before the course starts you will be sent a special link to log in with.


The fee for taking part is 33 Euros. You can sign in until 16:00 on the day of the course. First come, first served.

The course runs between 19:30 and 21:00.

Location: It is a live online videocourse, so wherever you live, you can participate! All you need is access to internet and a pen and paper for making notes.

Course Dates

  • 16 january 2024

  • 12 march 2024

  • 7 may 2024

  • 2 july 2024

  • 3 september 2024

  • 5 november 2024

Please note: you can register until 4pm on the day of the course. Registration fee is 33 euros.


It’s a LIVE ‘video’ course. I will be doing the live presentation myself, so you can actually see me as well.


You can pose your questions through the chat and I will answer them during the course.


You will also see the questions posed by other mothers.


It’s nice that you and your partner can join from your own home. That makes it nice and comfortable.


You don’t have to arrange a babysitter.


It doesn’t matter where you live, you can always join.

I’m Ruth Sedney, a qualified maternity nurse, lactation consultant IBCLC and paediatric nurse.
In the past years I have seen many problems arise during breastfeeding and helped mothers solving them. It is nice to see the surprised reactions when I tell mothers and their partners how breastfeeding works. I enjoy combining my work as a lactation consultant giving courses to maternity nurses and mothers. Therefore I have only one goal: for mother and child to enjoy the breastfeeding so that they can look back on a wonderful experience.
Ruth Sedney


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